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We probably all know that it is better if kids get more exercise, but sometimes we need some good reasons why that is true, or some good ideas for things to do. This page will be a collection of miscellaneous articles and information related to this topic.

Links to sites to motivate Kids in the Outdoors: (GOTC lists these only as a service and is not making any blanket endorsement of anything provided at these external sites)

USDA Forest Service- Junior Snow Ranger
USDA Forest Service- Junior Forest Ranger (still under construction)
NPS- Web Rangers
NPS- Archaeology Program for Kids
Parenting and Family- Outdoor Fun and Games for Families
Games for Kids
Fun-Attic - The Great Game List
Family Education - Outdoor Activities for Children Ages 6-10
Family Fun - Outdoor Fall Activities for Kids
Green Hour - National Wildlife Federation unstructured outdoor play

Links to articles about Kids and the Outdoors:

 From the North Country Trail web site:
July 23, 2006- Get Your Kids Outside
June 21, 2006- Kids Choose TV Over Trees
Mar 20, 2006- Nature Play Fosters Environmentalism
Mar 13, 2006- Learning Comes Naturally
Jan 21, 2006- Organized Sports Not Attractive to Half of Active Children
Dec 22, 2005- Technology, kids and the outdoors
Dec 9, 2005- Attracting Younger Hikers
June 29, 2005- Hiking Enriches Family Vacations
Mar 2, 2005- Safe Route to School Increases Children's Physical Activity
Nov 9, 2004- Physically Fit Children Do Better in School
Aug 29, 2004- ADHD Kids Benefit from Time Outdoors
From other sources:
Feb 5, 2008 - "More Kids in the Woods" Says Forest Service
Jan 28, 2008 - EPA Offers SunWise Curriculum
Jan 28, 2008 - Michigan Kids Should Be as Lucky as these Hoosiers
Nov 28, 2007- Osteoporosis- Not Just About Grandma
Summer 2007- Take a Kid Camping from Shoreline Outdoors
Jul 29, 2006- Greening the Kids from the Austin American-Statesman
November 2, 2006- Children's belly fat increases more than 65 percent since 1990s from University of Rochester Medical Center
Nov 17, 2006- Adolescent girls more active if neighborhoods have parks from University of North Carolina

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