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at Bray Creek

Bray Creek and Pine Forest Pathway
Pine Forest Pathway Pine Forest Pathway More Info

Bray Creek

Bray Creek is a State Forest Campground within the Pere Marquette State Forest. It is located on the banks of Bray Creek and the Baldwin River just east of Baldwin. Day use is free, and there are self-pay tubes for overnight use.

Camping- 9 Camping sites, with picnic tables and fire rings with grates. Fee is $15 per night, self pay station.

Picnicking- day use is free; there are several picnic tables and grills just to the left of the entrance on a grassy knoll above the creek

Pine Forest Pathway

Leave the back side of the campground loop. The trail makes a long loop down beside the Baldwin River and then back to the main trail. I have not yet walked this to complete a detailed description.

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Rest Rooms- latrines
Potable Water- hand pump in summer

Access- sand roads
Seasonality- pump handle removed in winter
Ecosystem- oak maple forest above a creek and the Baldwin River
most recent date this info personally checked- April 2007
Additional Facilities- none
Maintained by- Michigan DNR, Pere Marquette State Forest. Call Cadillac office (231) 775-9727
DNR web site

[Counties] Lake County Manistee County Mason County Oceana County

Turn east from US 10 & 37 on North Ave, north of Baldwin. There is a brown "State Forest Campground" sign marking the turn. The road will turn north on Merrillville Rd in 0.8 miles, and then there is a sign for the campground marking a right turn on 40th St. in another 0.6 miles. The campground entrance is on the right in another 0.5 miles.
Or go east from Baldwin on US 10. Just east of Whalen Lake is Whalen Lake Road, and the next dirt road north is Mud Trail/ Forest Drive. Turn north on Mud Trail/Forest Drive, continue to 40th St, turn left. The campground entrance is on the left in 0.6 mile.


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