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at Walkinshaw Wetlands

Walkinshaw Wetlands

Walkinshaw Wetlands

Walkinshaw Wetland is 4.5 miles southeast of Walkerville. There is a large Forest Service sign and a two-track road that extends to behind some evergreens. Other than that, its simply a large protected wetland.

On the east edge Beaver Creek has been chanelized. There is a fence, but openings exist so you can get close to the water. If you walk straight east from the parking area, you can usually reach the creek without getting wet. However, most of the area is low and hummocky with standing water.

From the parking area, looking straight north, you can see a pond. This is only visible from this slightly higher ground. If you cross the marshy area to get to the pond, it is surrounded by a very large area of cattails, and you can't get to the open water at all.

There are no actual trails. The best enjoyment of this place is probably for birdwatching.

Rest Rooms- none
Potable Water- none

Access- via Fox Road where it curves south into 198th Ave., southeast of Walkerville (on the back way to Hesperia)
Restrictions- no camping, no overnight parking
Seasonality- open all year, but parking may not be accessible in winter
Ecosystem- lowland marsh, and open pond with cattails. Chanelized creek.
Other points of interest- Walkerville is 4.5 miles away with small town services.
most recent date this info personally checked- Augusy 2019
Additional Facilities- none
Maintained by- Baldwin District of the
Manistee National Forest
650 N. Michigan Avenue
P.O. Box D
Baldwin, MI 49304
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To reach Walkinshaw Wetlands from Walkerville drive south on 176th Ave and stay on the pavement through two jogs east and south. Where Fox Road jogs south on 198th Ave there is a large Forest Service sign and a two-track road to take you into the wetland. Latitude: 43.68120, Longitude: -86.06724


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