in Mason, Manistee, Lake and Oceana Counties, Michigan

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SCENIC VIEWS are listed which are particularly special, or where specific structures have been provided to enhance views. There are certainly other beautiful locations to be seen in these counties.

Mason County go to Mason County map

  • Buttersville - views of Lake Michigan, Ludington Channel and Lighthouse, Carferry docks from across Pere Marquette Lake
  • Lake Michigan Recreation Area
  • Ludington
  • Ludington State Park
  • Mason County Campground
    • Overlook Trail - paved, steep trail to reservior, views of Lake Michigan and reservior
    • Vista Point Trail - paved, steps, views of Lake Michigan and generating plant
  • Memorial Tree Park - views of Lincoln River/Lake from short trail
  • US 31 Rest Area
  • Victory Township Park - hill overlooking Hamlin Lake
  • Pere Marquette River Flats - climb an observation tower to overlook river mouth marsh
  • From Roads
    • At the corner of Sippy Road and Darr Road- look west to see the ridge with Mason County's higest point on Morton Road, about 5 miles away

Manistee County go to Manistee County map

Lake County go to Lake County map

  • Baldwin Park - beautiful Lake County Courthouse
  • Bowman Lake - glacially sculpted area of small kames and kettle holes- very interesting geologically

Oceana County go to Oceana County map

  • Chester Street Park - views of Pentwater Lake, Pentwater, and Lake Michigan
  • From Roads
    • On 104th just north of Jackson Road- look south and see a long view of the Pentwater River Valley

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